Having been fishing for over 25 years, I have been fortunate enough to experience one of the most relaxing and thrilling outdoor sports. 

Over the years, I have seen a decline in children selecting hobbies and sports outdoors, instead, opting for an ipad or x-box. That might simply be because it's the more convenient option, or purely because the opportunity to go fishing these days is rare. We, at The Fishing Experience are here to give youngsters a chance to experience the joys and thrills that fishing brings, and I personally enjoy nothing more, than to watch somebody else's eyes light up with pure excitement from catching fish. 


John Bassili


A day at The Fishing Experience... 

As well as having fun, we make sure you come away from your sessions having learned a number of skills.

Depending on an individual's ability and (if any) previous experience, we will teach the following:

  • Water craft & swim selection

  • Setting up 

  • Depth finding 

  • Under arm casting

  • Over head casting

  • Setting up floats

  • Hook tying

  • Rig selections

  • Float selection

  • Shot patterns

  • Feeder selection

  • Rod selection

  • Groundbait mixing

  • Bait selection

  • Striking

  • Playing fish

  • handling fish

  • Fish care and lots more...


We run a specific programme for individuals to aim for and achieve. Individuals have an initial assessment and are placed in the programme according to their ability.


Coaching sessions are suitable for individuals aged 7 and above. Adults of course, are welcome too.


Whether it's your first time fishing or you're an experienced angler, there are always goals to be met.


Once you've reached a certain level, we will test your competitive side by running matches with prizes to be won....

....be prepared - it's great fun!

The Venue

The main venue we use is Lake John Fishery. It's a stunning fishery that has a reputation as one of the best 'silver fish' lakes in the country. Parents can choose to drop children off leaving them in the hands of an experienced coach or can choose to grab a bite to eat and enjoy the view while waiting until the end of the session.


The meeting point is the main car park at the venue below, where you will be met by a coach and the activities for the day will be explained to you.

Lake John Fishery


2 the Nightingales, Aimes Green, Galley Hill, Waltham Abbey, EN9 2BJ