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The Fab 4!

I had the pleasure of coaching 4 great kids on their first ever fishing experience on Saturday afternoon.

After a brief demonstration of the equipment that was going to be used and a frantic handling of the maggots, they were soon sitting on their seatboxes with a pole each in hand.

Anthony was away within seconds with his first ever fish!! He was ecstatic!!

I showed him how to unhook the fish and rebait the hook. A little flick of the float and he was fishing again. I just about turned my back on him and he pulled another one out! His brother Petros was next with a quality rudd.

His good friend Emilio seconds later got a quality roach!

They had only been fishing for the best part of 10 minutes and they had all caught bar Lucas, Emilio's twin brother. I couldn't help but notice his mood had changed as well as his spark. I knew it was way too early to worry but he probably thought he was in a bad swim. What happened next was about the "fish gods" shining on him! His float disappeared under, he struck and I watched his 3 metre pole bend to breaking point! He held on, and skillfully with my guidance managed to glide his first ever carp into the landing net! What a result!! He was then over the moon.

From then on, they all kept catching consistently, however more bigger carp turned up later in the afternoon which resulted in snapped lines and hooklinks!

That aside, it was a great day and one I'm sure they will remember forever.

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