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Mild Winter!

Having heard of contradictory forecasts for this winter, it seems it has swayed towards a favourable one for us carpers!

Mild, windy and carpy had been the agenda for weeks..

The problem is, being a gas engineer, come winter, rain or shine, my free time to angle is very limited. I did manage a day out a few weeks ago with temperatures reading 13 degrees at 7am though! Crazy?! Or what!

I arrived on the lake to find it barren from anglers which made it even more appealing. I have found from previous experience, a move or two is the key on this place, more so than any other, to catch a fish!

The bait chosen for the day was very simple, Poloni crushed Boilies in a pva bag with a washed out pink pop up, (soon to be released).

My location to begin with was back of the wind in a quiet looking bay, having seen a couple of fish nut out early on! I gave it until lunchtime before moving off to the far end of the lake in the teeth of this wind that was now beginning to look like hurricane Bob! They had to be here I said to myself! And I was right!!

Within 20 mins my left hand rod bent round, I connected with a fish but to my horror, it all went slack within seconds!

A quick recast and while I was setting up my bobbin, my right hand rod tore off! Yes!!

Fish on and this was not coming off! A lengthy fight in the deep margin that was in front of me, resulted with a golden looking common in the net. A quick picture or two were taken, rods back out, and a cheeky grin placed :)

That was to be the only action of the day, two quick bites in 10mins. That can be winter for you.

Until next time

Keep Angling

John Bassili

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